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Cooking at Home vs Buying From the Deli

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Posted: Friday, Mar 21, 2014

There is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to preparing a meal at home or eating out. You don’t have to go all one way or the other. In fact, depending on the meal you’re attempting to enjoy and your skill level in the kitchen, the choice can be different for each person.

For instance, if you wanted to have hummus as a snack between meals, a person with a very basic level of knowledge about the kitchen could pull this off in minutes, but only if you have a food processor. Without this important kitchen appliance, you could spend a lot of time crushing the beans down to an edible paste. You might forego the cost savings of doing it at home and finding a hummus prepared by a local deli or supermarket.

Most consumers juggle convenience with cost effectiveness, leaving taste as a byproduct easily sacrificed. For instance, making your granola bars and pasta at home not only helps you save on costs and control the ingredients (especially those who want fresh and organic), you’ll also increase the flavor over what you’ll find in the store.

The challenge here is how many consumers actually have the time to make pasta and granola bars, hummus and bread, fruit smoothies and ice cream? All of these can be done for a fraction of the cost at home, but at some point, your work and play get in the way of the practicalities of home cooked foods.



Some foods are more enjoyable to make than others. There is something about the process that is soothing to a great number of us who enjoy spending some time in the kitchen. The Zen qualities in producing a perfect loaf of wheat bread seem like vacation compared to churning your own butter or grinding your own ground beef or sausage. Before long, you can start making your own list of things you’ll make at home and schedule time for it while other items will go on the grocery list or on the take-out calendar.



Some people wouldn’t think of buying a bag of tortilla chips because they’re too easy to make at home. Others see refried beans, lemonade, potato chips, peanut butter, whipped cream, salad dressing, applesauce and pesto as completely overpriced at the store and ridiculously easy to make at home.



Most people are willing to try their hand at smoking ribs or brisket during the summer months, but few have the recipe, training or willingness to try deli cheeses and meats that you’ll find at a professional deli. Creating a deli-style roast beef can be pulled off to some extent at home, but for the most part, deli foods are best left up to the professionals.



Russians have really pulled off the deli cuisine in perfect order. Unfortunately, most delis don’t cater to the Russian tastes. Fortunately for you, has a line of deli products that come straight from Russia. From grilled red snapper to stuffed cabbage to marinated oyster mushrooms, you’ll get excellent quality Russian food directly from the people who know how best to prepare it. 

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