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Create a Stunning Christmas Tree with Designer Christmas Tree Decorations

Posted: Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

Decorating your home usually requires decisions that you will have to live with for the next one to two decades at least. Something that can be changed a bit more frequently, however, are seasonal holiday decorations and nothing compares to the statement you make with your Christmas tree. Christmas trees are front and center in your home for up to two months. It isn’t as hard as you might think to create a truly stunning tree with a designer look. has just what you need including some How To instructions. Let’s take a look at what you might find to infuse your home with a new look every year.

Choose a Color Scheme
Eye-catching trees begin with a plan. Once your lights are in place, your first decision is color scheme. Design experts say that to create a polished look, use monochromatic colors. White, silver and gold trees have a more elegant appearance while trees dressed in tan, gold and bronze will have a more relaxed but finished feel. If you choose to use red or purple or some other color, also include one shade up and one shade down of that color.

Add Something From Nature
Another important design feature will be the inclusion of something from nature. You may choose to use stems of artificial flocked greenery, icy-looking twigs, florals (such as silk magnolias) or stems of fake fruits. Create bunches by taking three stems and taping them together with floral tape. Use at least five to seven bunches on your tree. Start by placing bunches near the top of the tree, leaving room for your tree topper which will be added last. Sprinkle your bunches down the tree in alternating positions.



Dressing Your Tress with Garland
Next, it is time to wrap your tree with garland. Of course, your garland is one of the key pieces in setting your color scheme. You may choose to use wired ribbon or beaded garland but whichever you choose, don’t be shy. Be bold. You may even decide to twist two garlands together to create more interest. Drape the garland in a gentle spiral.



Designers say that using oversized globe ornaments is a must. Cascade medium- to larger-sized ornaments diagonally on the tree, snuggling them into the branches to achieve just the right look.

Smaller ornaments, in abundance, should grace the ends of your tree branches. You can create a themed tree by using ornaments with a similar idea. For example, you may choose to make a musical tree by hanging ornaments with various musical instruments. offers glass violins, trumpets and French horn ornaments along with a selection of ornaments featuring angels playing instruments.

Wine lovers might enjoy using the grapevine lights and then have fun decorating branches with their broad selection of wine bottle ornaments. Kid trees would look terrific with snowmen, ballerina, or animal ornaments. For a classic look, hang snowflakes – lots of them.

The Top of the Tree
The top of the tree can be crowned with two or three fabulous ribbon bows and several stems of feathers, achieving a completely unique look each and every time. 



Creating a fabulous Christmas tree can be lots of fun and it isn’t hard if you know the basics. Check out our designer ornaments at and start planning your next tree today.

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