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How to Keep Healthy and Eat Delicious Food

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Posted: Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. In fact, a number of authentic dishes are based on unique flavors and healthy benefits. For Russians, the authentic diet is often a healthy one. Dietician Dr. Jonny Bowden compiled a list of 150 of the world’s healthiest foods and a number of them have Russian origins.

Most of us know that fish is among the healthiest foods humans can ingest. Russian cuisine is packed full of recipes that require fish, from dried fish in a bag to caviar in a can to fresh, plump salmon filets.



Why are salmon and similar species so healthy? Most nutritionists point to the abundance of omega-3 content and the high amounts of protein. Fish will give you the support you need in your muscular tissues as well as your heart and circulatory system. Some fish eaters are reported to have an improved memory function. Your skin and hair will also be healthier than ever after including a diet heavy in fish.



Another staple in the Russian diet are beets. There are vitamins and minerals in beets that can’t be found in the same proportions in any other food. Folate, magnesium and Vitamin C are all found in beets. The tastiest way to consume beets is throughborscht – the Russian soup with a recipe that relies heavily on beets.

The Russian diet consists mostly of fresh foods, which includes fruits and vegetables that are consumed only when they are in season. For this reason, Russian cuisine is mostly healthy. Consider the sweet and sour beef cabbage soup – it’s got fresh beef, fresh cabbage and various other fresh vegetables and spices that make it a perfect choice for a meal centered on fresh, healthy ingredients.



Another Russian item that focuses on cabbage is the cabbage roll. A large area of Russia is in cold climates where cabbage grows heartily. Cabbage rolls can be stuffed with all sorts of healthy meats and vegetables and topped with a tomato-based sauce, which is high in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of cancer.



Kasha is a dish that is commonly found in the Russian kitchen. There is an old adage that says you can’t feed a Russian without kasha. Essentially, this dish is a porridge made with whole grains, usually buckwheat or millet, that are full of B vitamins. While many Americans are growing obese with the help of processed grains, nutritionists say grains left whole and unprocessed are actually improving our quality of lives.

People who cut healthy fats from their no-fat diets are denying themselves some of the nutrients necessary for optimal health. The body relies on fat, especially in the brain. Therefore, adding healthy fats like those gained from grape seed oil, olive oil and olives is a smart way to develop healthy meals that are also packed with flavor.

To find the best and healthiest ingredients covered here, visit where you’ll find authentic Russian foods that are sent directly from Russia to your front door. Our extensive list of healthy, authentic ingredients can help you turn even the most basic of meals into healthy and exquisitely delectable cuisine.  

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