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Quality of Russian Food Products in the U.S.

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Posted: Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

So many Americans are getting a reintroduction to the Russian culture because of the recent Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. While less flattering, the conflict in Ukraine and Russia’s intervention is also putting the nation in the spotlight. If you’re not interested in the politics, perhaps you’ve embraced the Russian cuisine and want to try making a few dishes at home?

It’s not easy to find edible Russian products in the United States and you don’t find that many Russian restaurants on Main Street America. For residents in towns where there has been a history of Russian immigration, like several communities in California, you’ll have a good mix of restaurants from which to choose.



However, for those who want to prepare Russians dishes at home with traditional and authentic ingredients, the task is not enviable. Popular items like Koryushka (dried fish in a bag), smoked sturgeon, cod liver, lightly smoked Capelin roe, Kilka in tomato sauce or Haifa (red caviar) aren’t things you can go to your local grocer and find.


Russian Product | Kilka


If you’ve got a craving for blini and borsht, you’re probably going to have to make an Americanized version of the Russian staples, sacrificing some of the authentic taste. Does Doktorskaya bologna sound great for lunch? Sorry, but you’ll probably be hard pressed to find any at your deli.

The one advantage that home cooks will find in making traditional Russian dishes is that their Russian sauerkraut, which most Russians call pickled cabbage, can be made from home, which is how the Russians do it rather than buy it in a can. It’s easy to prepare as it requires no cooking, just fermenting followed by refrigeration.


Russian Product | Pancakes


The recent upswing of interest in the probiotic drink called kefir is a new trend in the U.S., but this drink is actually something that’s been around for many years in Russia. Originating from the Caucasus Mountains, kefir is a fermented milk drink that utilizes various yeasts and bacteria that help ferment the liquid.



Russian Product | Kefir


With an abundance of forests in cold climates, birch juice is in abundance in Russia. It is known ascok and is harvested in much the way Northeasterners in the U.S. harvest maple syrup.

Whether Russia is your native country, you’ve spent some time vacationing or working there or just have an interest in the culture, connecting with the products that give you an authentic dining experience takes a lot of research to gain access to the ingredients you need to create the authentic experience. However, you can find quality Russian foods online at specific importers. The key is to look for quality and direct, fresh delivery.

If you’ve been looking for a place to order authentic Russian products, look no further: is the one-stop-shop where you can order a large variety of Russian foods online, directly from Russia. From baby veal bologna to whip cream pastries, is continually connecting quality Russian products to consumers who want to experience a little bit of the Russian culture here in the U.S. If you have an appetite for the authentic experience, place your order today.

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