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Russian Cosmetics and Folk Remedies: Nothing Compares

Posted: Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

In a highly synthetic modern world it’s easy to forget that the earth we inhabit holds many natural solutions to our problems. The folk remedies trusted by so many of our ancestors are still used today by generations of hardy Russians. Russian herbs, flowers and natural foods which once were common are still working to help people stave off cold, promote wellness and enhance beauty.

The Russian people by choice and by necessity have long turned to these natural remedies for general health and a physical glow. Through you can rediscover the marvel of the world around you. The health and beauty products offered there are not like those you’ll find in most markets or your neighborhood pharmacy – they are wonderfully unique.


Russian Product | Honey


Honey is one of nature’s sweetest offerings. But it does much more than dress up a morning biscuit. Honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which make it suitable for treating minor wounds. It also soothes sore throats and reduces allergies. At we offer wild flower honey to spoon over your food. Likewise, you can also find honey lozenges to help protect against flus, colds and allergies.

Propolis is the resin that bees use in hive construction. Like honey it has many wonderful properties that promote health. We offer this natural remedy in the form of balm, tincture, tablet – even toothpaste.Larkspur is a lovely blue flower that grows wild in cooler climates. It is used in folk remedies for colic and to treat asthma. At this proven home remedy comes as a balm.


Russian Products | celandine


You’ll also find we carry an entire selection of soaps for children infused with soothing chamomile, celandine or bidens – all wildflowers famous for their healing and calming properties.


Russian Product | Mustard


Mustard plasters were once a popular treatment for cough and cold and in Russia they are still a staple. Shoppers at can find mustard balm and mustard plasters. Place warmed plasters on a child’s chest and cover them with blankets. After 10-20 minutes, remove the plaster and allow the warmth to increase blood flow and loosen chest congestion. It is so much more natural than medicating a child to sleep with heavy syrups.


Russian Product | Avocado Oil


We believe women will enjoy the variety of Russian cosmetic oils we have to offer. Choose from avocado, jojoba, peach kernel, almond or celandine oils to keep skin feeling soft and looking young. We also offer burdock oil to stimulate and encourage hair growth.

For relaxation and a flavorful experience, check out our herbal teas – Echinacea, rose hip, cleansing and longevity. All are deliciously healthy, but you really need to explore our site to understand what we mean when we say we offer natural cosmetics and folk remedies. We carry products made from nature – with many names you’ve probably never even heard.

We’re certain that you’ll discover that the treatments found in nature are gentler and equally if not more effective than the harsh chemicals found in so many of today’s products. We invite you to come and browse through our selection. Try something new, something green. Nothing really compares to the good feeling you’ll get when you treat life’s discomforts with something straight from nature.

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