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Russian Food Vs. American Food: How Do They Differ?

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Posted: Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

Food is one of the main things that will define a culture. In many cases, there is a ritualistic system to eating that also makes each culture different from the next. What are the differences between American and Russian foods?

Many Russians view American foods as being highly over processed, lacking in raw vegetables and even fast food oriented. Americans also don’t place as high an emphasis on home-cooked meals as do the Russians. For many Russians who have never been to the States, their only encounter with American food is McDonalds, lending to a narrow view of the foods available in the American culture. 


Russian Product | Salad


Still, beyond this comparison, Russians tend to find American food to be bland, partly because of the McDonald’s offerings and because of our taste for pickled vegetables and meats and various fish products that many Americans might find stronger than desired. The Russian idea of fast food is not the processed, carbohydrate heavy McDonald’s menu. Russian fast food is simply ethnic Russian dishes that use locally sourced foods.


  The time of year will also dictate the type of meals available for Russian consumers. They are not known to rely on hot house vegetables and fruits. Natives only eat seasonal foods, which mean traditional dishes will vary throughout the year. While Americans tend to consume chili only in the cold months, the ingredients are available year round, regardless of how exotic you try to make the dish.


Russian Product | Soup


The close, traditional families in Russia depend on their meals as an important gathering where the focus is on the food. Conversation, if there is any, will focus on politics or philosophy, topics that are highly avoided in most polite circles in America. Russians are drawn to heated debate over flavorful cuisine, creating more than just a meal, but an experience.


While Americans see meals as a time of commune or to do business, Russians think nothing of the sort. They are put off by the small talk that occurs in many social situations in America and prefer to have serious discussion if there is going to be any at the dinner table.

One might argue that America, being a melting pot, doesn’t really have a completely unique approach to food. On any given night, a family in a medium-sized city has a choice between Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Japanese, Italian and Greek foods. Most supermarkets will carry at least some of the basics that allow these families to prepare ethnic meals at home.


Russian Product | Khinkali


Unfortunately for Americans with a taste for Russian foods, this isn’t always the case.Some of the Russian foods recommended to Americans attending the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi included khinkali, which is a thin piece of dough wrapped around a stuffing of minced beef and spices, including coriander (cilantro). They have a very similar appearance to pork buns you might find at a Chinese restaurant, but aren’t easily acquired in the States.

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