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Russian Ice Cream Brings Back Memories of Childhood

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Posted: Saturday, Apr 19, 2014

If you’re lucky enough to get to take a trip to Russia, be prepared to run into your share of locally made ice creams of all flavors. Every restaurant will offer it alone for dessert or as a topping on another sweet treat. You’ll also see it offered by street vendors from kiosks throughout city centers, making the cold treat readily available. If this describes your childhood as a Russian native, tasting the authentic treat will take you back.

For others, perhaps you think Russians are only passionate about their expertly crafted vodka? Russians are actually just as excited, if not more, about their ice cream as it is a big part of our culture.Russians tend to be picky about their ice cream, demanding quality ingredients. One thing they are not picky about, however, is the time of year this treat is consumed.


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Americans might consume the bulk of their ice cream delights during the summer months. For Russians, ice cream is a year-round delicacy that needs no seasonal requirement. While it gets extremely cold in the northern part of Russia, lines of people waiting in the freezing cold for their chance at the window of a kiosk selling ice cream is a common affair.

Russians call their ice cream Morozhenoe, which is pronounced mor-O-zhen-o-yeh. The biggest difference in the ice cream we enjoy in America (for the most part) is this common treat is dense, thick, rich and heavy. Russian ice cream retains its richness yet is lightweight. Because it has more fat in it, morozhenoe can be served soft without worry of it melting too fast. One common factor when sampling this treat is there is always a desire for more.

Those who have traveled to Russian and have developed an addiction to morozhenoe are often left without alternatives when they get back home. It’s common for connoisseurs to try to concoct their own versions with a liter of heavy cream, a cup of whole milk, fruit of their liking and ¾ cup of sugar. These ingredients get pretty close to what you’ll find in morozhenoe.


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Russian dairy farmers are in abundance throughout the country, which means milk products such as cheese and ice cream are readily available at low cost. Factories like ChistayaLiniya manufacture more than 150 tons of milk a day and make more than 100 tons of ice cream. Factories like this are not rare as there are more than 300 companies producing ice cream in Russia. Western companies have also come to Russia to take advantage of the abundance of milk, but they retain their Western recipes, failing to capture the authentic Russian taste.


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Despite all the competition from other developed countries, Russian ice cream companies are thriving. This success is due not only to their recipes, but also because of their strict policies to use only the freshest ingredients to create sweet and savory ice creams that continue to advance the ice cream culture of Russia.


Russian Product | Ice Cream


If you’ve developed a taste for morozhenoe or are curious to try it, order some delicious Russian ice creams from our store. Dadu chocolate, vanilla, caramel or strawberry ice cream flavors are available. You can also choose a black currant sorbet or luxury vanilla and chocolate, individually wrapped treats. Each one tempts the taste buds and can be delivered right to your door, so place your order today.

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