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Top 10 Russian Appetizers

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Posted: Saturday, Apr 19, 2014

Russian cuisineis one of the most unique taste experiences you can have with food. If you aren’t quite ready to dive into a full course Russian meal, you can start the adventure with Russian appetizers. You’re going to be in for quite a surprise as the flavorful food is based on healthy ingredients and bursts of flavor that can only be found in a place like Russia. 


Russian Product | Dumplings


Vereniki Dumplings
Who doesn’t love dumplings? It’s almost impossible to find someone who has an aversion to this staple of many cultural food appetizers, and they’re easy to make. Russians make their vereniki dumplings with eggs and flour, saving the middle for a folding in of excellent Russian cherries. Many associate vereniki with the Ukrainian dish, varenyky, which is essentially the same thing.

If you’ve ever had a pork bun or a pot sticker from a Chinese restaurant then you’ll be familiar with the Russian version of this appetizer. Surely you’ve tried ravioli at an Italian restaurant. Khinkali is essentially a combination of these dishes. A khinkali is handmade and stuffed with any number of ingredients, mostly meats and spices.


Russina Product | Soup


Fermented or Sour Cabbage
Most Russian families would never think of going to the grocery store and buying their sauerkraut out of a can. They make it from scratch at home. However, sauerkraut is the German variety of fermented cabbage. Russians will add sour cabbage, a staple in the country, to soups, giving it an expanded flavor and robust finish.

Bologna Kraraowskaya
This bologna is known for its rich, salty texture and flavor and most often made with pork and spices. It’s often available in a variety of sizes in case you want to set this out for your next dinner party.

Russian Picked Cucumbers
Russians are known for their love of pickled anything. You’ll be sure to embrace this appetizer as it’s no different from what you’ll see in American pickled cucumbers, which is what most Americans simply refer to as pickles.

Salo is actually Russian bacon and is very similar to what Americans enjoy at a typical breakfast or on a BLT. The point is the flavor derived from the fat of the meat.


Russian Product | Meat Jelly


Russian Meat Jelly
Now we’re getting into some bolder stuff. Meat jelly is made from boiled meat that’s left in a cold place to solidify into a jelly-like substance. It’s also a staple in many Russian diets, offering a good, fatty substance for those brutal winters.

Pickled Mushrooms
Pickled mushrooms are considered a gourmet dish in Russia and are shared during holiday parties.


Russian Product | Caviar


Fish eggs, AKA caviar, come in many sizes and varieties. Black caviar, red pearl caviar, darikamchatki, trident or chum caviar – there are many from which to choose.

Smoked Fish
Pick any fish and smoke it. Russian appetizers will often include smoked fish, such as butterfish, salmon, semga (steelhead trout}, herring, sea bass and white fish.

If you’re looking for authentic Russian appetizers, you’ll find just about anything you need and things you’ve never heard about at, products will come to your door, straight from Russia to ensure the authenticity of the taste unlike any other.

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