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Top 10 Russian Drinks

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Posted: Saturday, Apr 19, 2014

Russia is a large country with many regions that are ethnically diverse from the next. This means the traditional drinks of Russia are just as varied as the ethnic groups within the boundaries of the largest country in the world. Let’s take a look at what Russians far and wide are drinking today.


Russian Products | Vodaka


Americans know vodka as the national drink of Russia, but it’s not the vodka that you’re used to getting when out for an evening on the town in America. Instead of being infused with fancy flavorings and colors, Russians enjoy their vodka plain. And while most Americans are simply drinking when they socialize, Russians are not likely to take a shot of vodka without a side of pickled mushrooms, salt herring or black (rye) bread.

There are many other types of drinks that Russians enjoy, from fruit juices to mineral water. Most of the popular drinks in Russia are non-alcoholic or very low in alcohol, like a fermented milk drink called matsoni, aayran or tan. More popular than the fermented milk drink are fruit-based juices, from apricot to grapefruit to pomegranate. The recent winter Olympics in Sochi introduced many foreigners to the fresh pomegranate juice made from pomegranates grown nearby in Abkhazia.


Russian Product | Birch juice


Birch juice is another Russian favorite. Birch trees are plentiful in the northern areas of the country and birch juice producers will wait until the weather is just above freezing before they drill a small hole in the bark. They then extract the birch juice (beryozovysok), which is then processed into a water-like but sweet liquid.

Morshinska water comes from a preserved region of Prykarpatye from the Carpathian water source called Morshinska. The region is believed to be ecologically pure, which is why the water there is in such high demand. Nabiglavi mineral water originates from the Republic of Georgia and is now a leader in the mineral water market in that region. The healthy water has been bottled in this region since the late 1950s.


Russian Product | Condensed milk


Condensed milk, or as the Russians call it – varionaya sguschyonka, is a drink that has found its way into many Russian recipes, mostly desserts from Russian frosting to Russian tea cakes.

Americans are large consumers of Pepsi and Coke products, just as much as Russians are of Dushes soft drink. Coming from Chernogolovka, Dushes is a lemonade mineral water that is refreshing and popular. Equally as popular is another non-alcoholic drink called Baikal carbonated drink. It gets its flavor from sugar, citric acid and natural medicinal herbs.


Russian Products | cranberries


Known as miracle berries to many Russians, Chudo-Yagodais a fruit drink relying mostly on strawberries and cranberries. Buratino carbonated drink is another non-alcoholic drink that fits comfortably in the soft drink category and is popular with Russians.

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