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Top 10 Russian Main Courses

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Posted: Saturday, Apr 19, 2014

Just like in America, it’s common for Russians to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner as their three main meals of the day. However, unlike the large, hearty American breakfasts, Russians prefer to keep it rather light in the morning. The preference is a dough-based meal called sirniki, which is usually stuffed with cottage cheese before being fried in a pan.

Another popular breakfast item in Russia is blini, which is very similar to pancakes. Kasha is another popular and easy-to-make breakfast item. It’s a bowl of porridge made with whole grains like buckwheat and/or millet. On any given morning, you’re likely to see kasha on the breakfast table in the morning than any other food.


Russian Products | Kasha


Moving on to later in the day, Russians are huge fans of khinhali, which to Americans would probably taste like what you know as ravioli. Khinkali is a thin piece of dough that is wrapped around minced beef and spices. Americans that aren’t game for the Russian pickled products and pungent, dried fish are more apt to enjoy the khinkali.


Russian Products | Caviar


You won’t get halfway down a menu at a Russian restaurant before running into a plethora of fish dishes. Russians eat a lot of fish and caviar. Whole salmon, dried fish (koryushka), smoked herring, cold smoked mackerel, hot smocked mackerel, chop tushonka, schmaltz herring filets, riga sprats, cod liver and trout are all common on the Russian dinner table


Russian Products | Salmon


If Americans have heard of only one Russian food, it’s borscht. Also common in Ukraine, borscht is a soup made with beetroot, potatoes and cabbage. Hot borscht is the most popular variety but Russians and Europeans will also eat it cold. Some recipes call for the borscht to be served with hard-boiled eggs. Because it is made primarily with beetroot, borscht will have a red to pink color that makes it very unique.

It’s not a main course, but you’ll find it served with just about every main course – rye malt bread. Several dishes rely on rye bread crumbs or cubed rye bread. Russia is one of several countries in the region to harvest dark rye that is used in breads that are all unique to that part of the world. The rye grain has been used to give distinctive flavors to multigrain and flatbreads as well as the traditional straight, dark rye bread.


Russian Products | rye bread


Common items you’ll see at the Russian dinner table include those that come in a glass. Kvass, a fermented beverage derived from the rye grain, is a low-alcohol beverage, usually not exceeding one percent by volume. Most Russians will enjoy the carbonated beverage served chilled on a hot summer day.

Of course, we can’t reference refreshments without mentioning the Russians’ knack for making excellent vodka. You’ll find vodka in quantities during holiday family gatherings or at special occasions like weddings.

That should get you started on your path to enjoying what the Russians enjoy. To actually get your hands on some of these ingredients that come straight from Russia, we have the quality food products you are looking at here at you’re hoping to enjoy some of your favorites right at your own table, contact us today and ask about fresh and fast delivery, right to your door.

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